Saturday, June 18, 2011

Windy's Santeria Cat Shrine

This morning, I was sitting at my computer, wondering what to write, when Windy jumped up on my art table and started drinking OUT OF MY PAINT WATER, which is FULL of acrylic and which cannot be very good for little indoor cats.

She is TERRIBLE about doing that. She's not interested in drinking water out of HER BOWL, although she loves it out of the tap and she ESPECIALLY likes to watch when I fill up a large water bottle from our big five-gallon dispenser. Because it bubbles and makes weird Sea Monster noises and she can pretend she's Jacques Cousteau. (I swear, I am NOT MAKING THIS UP.)

Anyow, weird water features and drinking out of water she's NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRINKING FROM is Windy's amusement park. Along with any earrings, wedding rings, LiveStrong bracelets, pieces of pastel, gym passes, drivers licenses, etc. that she can find and play soccer with, until they disappear under the couch.

Windy, like many children who are confined indoors, is very good at using her imagination and improvising.

So I decided to show you Windy's Santeria Cat Shrine.

It's a little different from Smokey's.

First of all, the whole color scheme is different. Windy, if she were human, would be a DRAG QUEEN. She has that whole Priscilla, Queen of the Desert sense of style. So her piece is done in shades of lime, ultramarine and magenta.

Then I threw in lots of gold paint and glass jewels and dangly earrings. And, of course, paper clips.

Plus, I think her whole expression here looks just like Terence Stamp's character's perpetual expression in Priscilla...

But no false eyelashes here. Hers are TOTALLY REAL.

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