Friday, June 24, 2011

13th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day...

I just found out it's the 13th Annual Take Your Dog to Work day.


Then I realized I DON'T HAVE A DOG. And I work out of my house.

So I improvised. Here is Smokey, with her furry butt planted firmly in my painting palette.

It does not always pay OFF to have the cats at work. Often I will find little multicolored pawprints around the house, from when they have "helped" me paint something. Or bizarre Facebook posts from where they have had access to the computer. And I can sometimes fall into the kitten time warp (see earlier post about Lost Time Phenomena explained), which apparently is a weapon of grown cats, as well.

But I usually love it! I like having the company. I think it makes me MORE productive.

Apparently Pet Sitters International (PSI) agrees; they have been advocating pet acceptance in the workplace since 1999 with Take Your Dog to Work Day.

And it's today--June 24!

Apparently nearly one in five companies in the US allow pets in the workplace on a regular basis--even large places like Google and Amazon! Some places even have dog fashion shows, photo contests, adopt-a-thons, and fundraisers for local shelters and rescue organizations!

Smokey and Windy are not ALL that impressed by the hoopla.

After ALL, they are CATS.
And they are at my workplace EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But I guess they don't begrudge dogs STARTING to get some sort of workplace acceptance too.

For 7 rules for success on bringing your dog to work, follow this link:

And have a productive, happy (and furry) Friday!

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