Thursday, July 28, 2011

What the HELL, technology?

Okay, after finally finishing a new painting, I am TOTALLY unable to upload it to my Facebook gallery. This after I spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS LAST WEEK, just PAINTING ON A GREYHOUND'S PAWS. And only the TWO FRONT PAWS.


Yes, some things happen slowly in my painting world. But after all the work that goes into getting the painting right, it really sucks to be thwarted by Facebook.

What the HELL, multi-BILLION dollar Facebook technology?

This just shows me that I REALLY need to bag Facebook and get my actual webpage ( updated. (And do not go there at this point in time unless you want to think of it as some sort of artistic archeological dig, where you see all my old junk. Because it is full of whimsical children's illustrations and corporate logo designs and has NONE of my recent work.)

Which means I need to find account passwords and website design programs and re-learn how to USE them and...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

Really, all I want to do is paint.
Anyhow, this is my latest painting, of an elderly greyhound. It's called "Master Runner" and is 12" x 36." And it is for sale.

In competitive running, there's a Masters Division--usually for runners over forty. And NO, I do NOT know this because I am some competitive runner. I can run pretty fast, but mainly when there is chocolate or a Starbucks in the vicinity. I know it because my elementary school PE teacher and high school Cross-Country coach, Mr. Howell, was a regular winner of the Masters Mile.

Unfortunately the Masters Division is ONLY for humans. There isn't any such thing for greyhounds.

I found out that old and slow greyhounds are typically killed, with estimates ranging between 2,000 and 12,000 dogs killed per year, just in the United States. This is down from more than 20,000 dogs killed a year, which was the estimate prior to greyhound rescue groups coming along. But still...that's an awful lot of dogs. Dogs that, according to every greyhound owner I've spoken with, tend to be calm, sweet couch potatoes and lovely pets.

So, if you get a chance, support your local greyhound rescue group!

And...if you are a website designer and would like an EXCELLENT portrait of your pet in exchange for re-vamping my old website, PLEASE CONTACT ME!


  1. Hey Ravay,

    In case I haven't mentioned it, I really enjoy your blog (my cats are concerned about a recent upswing in dog-related *stuff*)!

    Have you ever tried posterous ( I know, I know -- yet another thing... You simply email photos and/or text and it will produce (fairly) nice web content for you; you can also have it post to multiple sites for you (including FB).

    Anyway, thought you might want to check it out... Keep writing -- and painting! :)

  2. Hey, Chris--
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it and I really appreciate the feedback and the advice. I did just get onto posterous and transferred the blog over there...not sure if I will KEEP doing it here or will go over there...I just figured out this interface, but I like a lot of the things about what they have, including the hotlinks IN the blog and the linkages...hopefully you won't get inundated with double updates...

    And MY cats are also making noises about what they think is an overly CANINE focus on the blog...I shall have to give them more time, I think! Actually Smokey PREFERS the blogging to the painting, since it means THERE IS A LAP she can sit on!